LUMC is developing a teaching package on vaping

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There is a lot of buzz in the media about vaping in relation to vaping health of young people. There was previously talk of a tax that would drastically increase the price of vapes and e-cigarettes. This would discourage young people. It will take years before this legislation, or a complete ban, is introduced. The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) therefore focuses on prevention through education and awareness.

The teaching package on vaping was developed by LUMC doctors and has already been downloaded 3000 times in one month. In addition, schools have already ordered more than 350 guest lessons about electronic cigarettes. This indicates that schools are also identifying and tackling the problem.

Vaping and lung cancer awareness

The doctors have developed this teaching package in anticipation of further legislation. “We want young people to become aware of the fact that they are victims of a deadly and devious industry. We want to equip them with hard facts about vaping, so that they will soon be strong enough to say no.”

The curriculum was developed in collaboration with educational experts Jenna Maas and Nicole Slangen from Wahoe, and with input from more than 100 high school teachers. The Vaping lesson package #your choice was made possible in part by a grant from Team Westland – together against cancer.

Source: (NEITHER)

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