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Weed & Coronavirus: Guide to Cleaning Your Cannabis Equipment

by druginc

Weed & Coronavirus: Guide to Cleaning Your Cannabis Equipment

As our nations continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), you are likely cleaning everything around you to reduce the risk of carrying or contracting the virus. The Center for Disease Control in the United States even provides step-by-step guidelines for disinfecting and cleaning all surfaces on their website.

And in the midst of deep cleanse, your variety of cannabis accessories should of course not be overlooked. Partly because, unlike a water glass or bowl that you will wash after each use - pipes, bongs and other products can often take turns every few weeks. This while they regularly touch your lips, hands and mouth.

So keep that bucket of cleaning supplies nearby and follow the following guide to cleaning your cannabis equipment. You probably also have more time now that you stick to the “social distancing” guidelines and take a social distance for the time being.

What do quarantine and social distance mean?

What is the difference between quarantine and social distance? Vox recently reported on the corona virus and the use of social distance to control the spread of the virus:

  • Quarantine: to completely separate individuals from the public if it is believed that they have been exposed to, but are not yet showing symptoms of disease.
  • Social distance: requires the public to refrain from social gatherings and maintain a conservative and clear radius of at least 1.5 meters around themselves and others when on the road and / or outdoors.

Incorporating these practices into your plan to fight the virus will have a profound and positive impact on your entire environment. Protection of those who are immune compromised or most susceptible for the virus is now the top priority during this pandemic.

Even if you don't have any symptoms, you can still be a carrier of the coronavirus. According to several experts interviewed by The Atlantic, you should avoid social interaction as much as possible at this point. This includes bypassing the gym, canceling non-essential appointments such as beauty treatments, not attending birthday parties and large family or friends gatherings, and maintaining a healthy separation of at least 1.5 feet between you and the audience while running errands or before the necessary supplies.

Clean your grinder thoroughly

Although you wash your hands often and thoroughly, you are likely to touch cannabis buds with your bare hands when you take them apart and push them into a grinder. And do you remember washing your hands every time you used your favorite grinder in the past year? Therefore, be extra safe during this period and make your collection with your favorite grinders always clean.

Not only will you feel peace of mind cleaning your inventory, but you will also clean all the old resin that sticks to it and end up with a satisfyingly shiny and smooth grinder.

Disinfect your glass & vaporizers

Almost every cannabis user we know owns a pipe or bong, while concentrate enthusiasts certainly have something to “dab” with.

Fortunately, when you clean glass products, you usually clean them directly against certain viruses. Reason? It is generally recommended to clean a bottle with 99% isopropyl alcohol and a deep one. According to the CDC in the United States cleaning products containing at least 70% alcohol can kill coronaviruses.

Unfortunately, if you prefer the homeopathic route, it is not recommended to go the natural way, as distilled vinegar, tea tree oils, and other natural products are not powerful enough to fight COVID-19.

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