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Weed for parents? How smoking cannabis can make you an even better father or mother.

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Weed for parents? How smoking cannabis can make you an even better father or mother.

It was once believed that parents who smoked marijuana were not fit to raise their children. But now that the plant has been legalized across the country for medicinal and recreational purposes, the story continues to change.

Many proponents argue that consuming marijuana for parents in front of children is nothing more than downing a few cocktails, while others continue to apply the age-old stereotype to this debate. Somewhere in the middle of the problem is a progressive group of moms and dads who believe that marijuana actually makes them better parents. But is this so?

While the majority of Americans are far from ready to embrace the concept of parents using marijuana in front of their children, it is increasingly logical that this is happening more often today as cannabis is treated as alcohol in a growing number of states.

Less taboo for parents with cannabis, but still a problem

What's interesting is that the legalization marijuana in parts of the United States makes people in the states even in the so-called outlaws more relaxed with cannabis. But marijuana still causes problems for families.

In some cases, parents who are transparent about their pro-marijuana stance prevent children from attending certain schools. This happens in legal states. In prohibited areas, parents even run the risk of legal problems, including inquiries from child protection services.

Cannabis as the ultimate support for mothers

Still, some parents say marijuana is the ultimate mom's little helper.

“I was on prescription medications for years after my kids were born to just help me sleep, and my doctor even wanted to prescribe additional medications to ease my anxiety,” a mother told Colorado Pot Guide.

“I researched countless alternatives and ended up on cannabis. I've found that an edible or two in the evening helps cool my brain, relax my body, and even relieve my pain from being active all day long. I sleep better and it has helped me to be a calmer mother to my boys. ”

Some parents say that marijuana keeps them cool with their children.

Another mom, Nicci, said: “When I get frustrated or overwhelmed, I smoke weed as a reset button. When I get angry and spunky we both need a break. She's doing her thing while I step out and smoke. This parental timeout allows her to be a "more present parent," she added.

Cannabis after work

Moms and dads as working professionals also use marijuana in a manner similar to the after-hours cocktail. Rather than chowing down on a glass of wine or two, smoking weed after work is a way for parents to slow down before dealing with everything from their child's exercise schedules to homework.

Today, consumption of cannabis for parents is increasingly done behind closed doors. This can be difficult for some people to swallow. But pro-pot parents believe it makes them healthier role models.

“I don't regret coming out of the weed closet to my kids and family,” said a father named Derrick. 'Yes, I sometimes consume around my children. Close, not next to. I love my kids and just want to stay open and transparent with my boys. I am calmer and more engaged when I have consumed weed. Do I have to be enlightened all the time, maybe not. Does it help? Hell yeah it does! As long as it doesn't take away the necessary time with the kids, I say, light it. It makes the children an even happier parent! “

Marijuana can help deal with the stress of parenthood. But make sure you are familiar with local laws if you are open about this and also what is responsible in terms of use.

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