What are the benefits of microdosing?

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2019-07-12-What are the benefits of microdosing?

Microdosing is increasingly done by people. However, little is known about the long-term effects of taking very small amounts of LSD, magic mushrooms or ayahuasca. A study published in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience revealed effects on cognitive abilities, sociability, metabolic and neuronal consequences.

Previous research has shown that treatment with magic mushrooms can help relieve difficult-to-treat depression. Two studies published last year showed that psilocybin, the active pyschedelic compound in magic mushrooms, relieved the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. Moreover, this treatment with psilocybin did not cause any unpleasant side effects - for example emotional numbing - as with treatment with antidepressants.

Ayahuasca against depression and alcohol addiction

In another study the potential of the Amazon plant mixture was examined Ayahuasca for the treatment of depression and alcohol addiction. Ayahuasca "may be a safe and promising treatment" for these psychological problems, the researchers concluded.

People who use psychedelics to boost their mental health and overall well-being usually do so using a technique called microdosing. Taking microdoses of a psychedelic drug means taking only a fraction of a dose it takes to have a full-fledged psychedelic experience or 'trip'.

In new studies the effects of the hallucinogenic N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) on male and female rodents are investigated. This is to discover the effects on mental and physical health.

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Marco March 14, 2021 - 03:07

Llevo apenas 13 días con micródose de ayahuasca, y he comenzado a ver algunos cambios sutiles en mi día a día, positivos.

Se que no es magia pero para mi si lo a sido.

Soy una persona de 52 años y desde la infancia sufro de ansiedad y después de depresión ,;
Caí en el alcoholismo y drogadicción, obvio.
He ido a siquiatra, sicólogo, etc y nada me terminaba de hacerme sentir bien hasta este momento.
Thank you

druginc March 19, 2021 - 12:09

Gracias por compartir tu experiencia con todos nosotros!



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