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What effect does CBD oil have on cats?

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What effect does CBD oil have on cats?

From beauty stores to pet stores, CBD products are everywhere. Animals, like us humans, are equipped with an endocannabinoid system, leading leading researchers and companies to believe that animals can also experience the benefits we experience from consuming CBD.

According to some brands, when it comes to the effect of CBD on cats, the substance can help them relax, relieve pain, reduce aggression and help them manage their stress. But how accurate are these statements?

many CBD brands in the US claim that their products can provide relief to cats suffering from a variety of conditions, especially if they are older and faced with conditions such as arthritis, which can affect their behavior and cause them to become anxious.

Environmental changes, such as those caused by this corona pandemic, where people suddenly spend more time at home or move households, can also affect feline behavior; their anxiety and stress can be reflected in poor grooming and eating habits. The anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties of CBD can be a great option to treat these symptoms without causing significant side effects.

However, the information available on CBD and cats is rather limited. While there are some studies that have found correlations between CBD and less pain, stress, and anxiety, vets don't have all the answers. Depending on who you ask, you can get completely different responses and levels of enthusiasm regarding CBD products for pets.

“Research into the use of things like CBD is still in its infancy, despite the promising anecdotes and confirmatory marketing seen in the media today,” said Christian Kjaer, CEO of ElleVet Sciences.

The magazine Animals published in 2019 a study found no negative side effects associated with the use of CBD in dogs and humans, but cats did experience some behavioral changes, including excessive licking and head shaking. “

"The dosage of CBD can differ between different species, as well as for each individual animal, depending on what we're trying to support," said Kjaer.

Cats are smaller than dogs, which means that CBD dosage can play an even more important role than other species. So if you want to use CBD for your pets, it pays to be careful; Before you want to give your cat such products, you should therefore first consult with the vet and look at all the options.

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