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What happens if you combine CBD with caffeine? This is what the research so far shows.

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What happens when you combine CBD with caffeine? This is what the research shows

Lately there seems to be a flood of all kinds of CBD products. The CBD as a cannabis-based compound has been shown not to cause a high, reduces anxiety, helps you sleep, reduces inflammation and have more positive health effects. Whether you prefer bonbons, candies, ice cream or coffee lattes, the CBD product developers don't seem to stop expanding their creative offerings. But what are actually the effects of mixing CBD with caffeine? In the United States this is very much done and offered in all kinds of cafes. Combining stimulant caffeine with supposedly soothing CBD seems a bit… contradictory and not very intuitive?

Although the potential health-promoting effects of CBD Increasingly known, research into what happens when you combine CBD with caffeine is not yet fully understood. Part of the reason for this is that, until recently, CBD, which is derived from the hemp plant (not the marijuana plant), was brought in in terms of legality with marijuana, which made securing federal funding in America for research much more difficult. . However, thanks to the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, it is suggested that the market for cannabis products (and research into how they work) will grow even further in 2019.

Despite this push to legitimize CBD research, the New York City health department recently told restaurants that CBD could not be served in edibles (such as lattes) because it "wasn't safe as a food additive," it said. Eater. CBD is still legal to sell on its own in other forms (and you are certainly free to do it in your own latte in America), but the decision has raised doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the immensely popular CBD coffee drinks and lattes.

That said, there are some studies that have looked at what happens when you mix the two. A study published in The Journal of Internal Medicine discovered that coffee and cannabis activate some of the same pathways in the brain. "The neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system - the same ones that are addressed by cannabis - decreased after drinking four to eight cups of coffee a day, which is the opposite of what happens after someone uses cannabis," a press release on the study per email to bustle said.

More research needs to be done into the combining blend of caffeine with CBD

As for the exact effects of mixing things up with caffeine, there is a lot more research to be done - but a lot of anecdotal evidence is available. While you might think that the induction of your morning coffee could lift your CBD-induced chill (anecdotally) this is not always the case. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, MD, the medical director of Canna-Centers, said that it has been previously written that how someone reacts to CBD is a case-by-case thing - and the effects of mixing with coffee are not yet fully understood.

"It is unclear at this point what the exact interaction is between CBD and caffeine," she said. “At low doses, CBD is a stimulant and in higher doses it can cause sedation. A person's response to a combination of these compounds would not be easily predictable because different doses of each would affect the response. “

Erin Magner wrote for Well + Good that some people report it mixing CBD with coffee enhances alertness and at the same time removes the sometimes harsh effects of caffeine. If you get a huge caffeine kick from an espresso, a little bit can soften that impact. “What I hear from people is that they can experience that nice, alert, focused energy of coffee without the huge jitters it hits,” Jewel Zimmer, founder of cannabis and CBD oil brand Juna, told Well + Good.

As with most uses of CBD, research on its effects in combination with caffeine is not as complete and comprehensive as it could be, but that is changing. In the meantime, being aware of your use of CBD, such as taking small amounts at a time, and being confident in the quality of the product you are using, will help you make informed choices about what will or will not work for you.

Readers need to know that the rules and data regarding marijuana, CBD and other related products are still evolving. As such, the information in this message may not be construed as medical or legal advice. Always consult your doctor before attempting a substance or supplement.

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