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What is rapé and what can you do with it?

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What is rapé and what can you do with it?

Rapé is a legal sacred shamanic medicine that has been used by healers of the Amazon basin for thousands of years. It is pronounced "ha-peh" in English, but is also referred to as "rapee", "hape", "hapi" or "rapay" by Westerners.

These are very rare, sacred, powerful, and deeply healing and cleansing miracle drugs, and are made in a very sacred and labor-intensive process. Rapé is a complex blend of pulverized Amazonian medicinal plants, trees, leaves, seeds and other sacred ingredients.

What is rapé used for?

The mixture is blown high into the nostrils with a pipe called a Tepi. Blowing immediately focuses the mind, puts the cackle in your head and opens the entire cleared mind room for your intentions.

Additionally, rapé helps relieve emotional, physical and spiritual illnesses and relieves negativity and confusion, allowing for a thorough grounding of your mind. Likewise, rapé is used to realign the user to his energy channels and to his higher self, and to intensify their connection to the world and the universe.

In addition, rapé paves the way for detoxifying the body and removes all excess mucus, toxins and bacteria, helping to fight colds, sniffing and some types can even help with the flu.

Blowing the Tepi entails an intimate connection between the giver and receiver. Both are closely linked by mouth, nose, and breath, and both must open and allow the other mind and intention to enter for the healing to take place. After blowing, it is recommended to sit by the medicine and meditate for about half an hour. It is best to sit with your eyes closed, while inhaling and exhaling slowly (more effectively through the nose), to thoroughly ground and maintain focus.

How and with what do you blow rapé?

In Brazilian tradition, the self-applicator pipe is called “Kuripe”, and the blowgun to pass another person is called “Tepi”. Traditionally, rapé is applied using a pipe made of bamboo or bone, which is blown through each nostril on both sides. You always blow first in the left nostril to represent metaphorical death, and then in the right nostril to represent rebirth. Rapé can also be self-administered using a V-shaped self-applicator pipe, connecting the mouth with the nostrils - Kuripe. Alternatively, it can be administered by another person using a blowgun, which connects the mouth of the blower to the other person's nostrils - Tepi. You always put the shorter end of both pipes in your mouth to blow and the longer end goes into the nostril.

3 methods to blow rapé

According to the Brazilian Yawanawa tribe, there are three different ways to blow rapé:

  • Short and powerful: wake up and more present
  • Long and powerful: to clean the mind and soul
  • Long, soft start and finish stronger at the end: for meditation, entering into a trance, ceremonial use

Use and dosage of rapé

It is recommended to work with rapé twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. However, this depends on each person's tolerance levels as well as their personal situation.

If you are going through a particularly stressful and ill period, you may decide to use it more often. For some people, using it several times a week is fine, or just during Ayahuasca or other medicinal ceremonies. For others, they may have to work intensively with these drugs to be able to do very deep work, purification and intensive healing.

Please always listen to your body, intuition and the mind of these sacred medicines - they will guide you to what is best for you personally.

In general, it is recommended to use half a pea-sized amount for each nostril for beginners, then increase the dose after prolonged use of one type of rapé.

However, everyone naturally has different tolerance levels, so some people may need larger doses and others smaller doses. Always experiment very carefully to see what works for you personally.

Rapé is available at smart shops, including DrSmart in Rotterdam.

Watch out for these signals with rapé

If you have a lot of mucus or mucus in the back of your throat, in your throat or in your mouth, immediately spit it out into a bucket, as it is toxic or negative energy that is released and expelled. You don't want to swallow it back. To keep the rapé from dripping down your throat, you'll want to keep your head down so that it drips down your nose and not down your throat.

It is said that you should try to keep the rapé in your nostrils for as long as comfortable as possible so that the medicine can be absorbed through the bloodstream. It is best to breathe in through the nose for this if possible. You can then blow your nose as often as necessary for you.

Attention: If you have any questions, doubts or if you need more information - always contact your doctor or consult an expert. This article is purely for background information about the subject and in no other way.

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