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What is Synthetic THC?

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2021-03-29-What is synthetic THC?

Synthetic cannabinoids, also known as synthetic marijuana, are synthetically engineered chemicals created in labs to mimic the effects of marijuana. Cannabis products and legally sold weed can also be contaminated with synthetic THC and can be life-threatening to the health of consumers.

The effects of this synthetic THC are similar to those of the natural product. However, there is one very important difference: unlike vegetable, natural marihuana synthetic cannabinoids can lead to dangerous side effects. This weed seems to come mainly from the Eastern Bloc and Switzerland. The weed intended for CBD products is provided with synthetic THC. Resulting in serious health risks.

A study conducted by Dutch researchers appears to confirm this serious view of synthetic cannabinoids. The study tested the effects of recreational synthetic cannabinoids and found that the active ingredients were much more dangerous than those in natural cannabis products.

Serious side effects of synthetic THC

The study found that participants had an elevated heart rate and performed poorly on motor skills and cognitive assessments. In addition, the participants showed more significant levels of impaired cognitive tracking, confusion, and amnesia, and experienced a decreased sense of reality and identity.
The reasons for this are that while THC found in natural cannabis affects the same receptors in the brain, synthetic cannabinoids bind more strongly to these receptors and therefore cause a more powerful response.

Contaminated cannabis

It is important for consumers to know what they are buying. There is more contaminated cannabis in circulation than people think. The Dutch Drugs Information and Monitoring System analyzed several hash and weed samples contaminated with synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-4en-PINACA.

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