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Hemp in the mix – what you can do with 2 types of cannabis leaves

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Hemp in the mix - what you can do with cannabis leaves

The remaining leaves of the cannabis plant are not waste at all. In fact, you can do just as much with them as you can with the buds themselves.

In the following article we have summarized exactly what you can do with the leaves. We describe all possibilities with which everything can be used by the plant.

There are two different types of hemp leaves

We'll look at the two different types of plant leaves in the next section:

Sugar leaves or trim

The so-called sugar leaves are found near the flower. They are usually a bit smaller.
They get their name from the trichomes (containing THC) that coat them and give them a sweet, white look.

At Trim we are talking about everything that is cut off the plant. These are leaves or pieces of leaf that grow through the flower or directly into the flower. The protruding parts are cut off. Trim can also be covered in numerous trichomes containing THC.

fan leaves

By fan leaves we mean the large leaves that are a little further away from the flower. They are vital as they absorb light for the entire plant. However, these leaves do not contain as many trichomes as sugar leaves or trim.

What can you do with the leaves?

The sugar leaves and prunings are usually used for smoking or vaporizing the plant, as they contain the THC-containing trichomes. However, parts of the plant and also the fan blades can still be used in cannabis products, as can be read in the next section.

Smoking or vaping

The flowers of the cannabis plant, but also the leaves, can of course be smoked. This can be done very traditionally in a paste, but also in a vaporizer. The latter has the advantage that the temperature is adjustable, so that parts of the plant cannot, as it were, "burn". 80% of the smoke produced consists of non-psychotropic or medically unusable substances when, for example, a joint is lit with fire. However, when cannabis is vaporized at the right temperature, 95% of the steam will be cannabinoids. In both cases you need a grinder that crushes the plant parts. At this point we can grinders from Zamnesia recommend.

Cooking or baking

A very popular way to consume cannabis is to eat cannabis products. For example, a large number of other leaves are excellent for baking cookies. From stems of the plant is also possible again
cannabutter are made. Dried and ground hemp leaves have a similar effect to oregano and are delicious on pizza, pasta and salads.


De cannabinoids of the hemp plant dissolve best in fat. To make tea, the leaves are simmered in a saucepan with milk so that the full flavor and cannabinoids can develop. The perfect drink to start the day or to relax in the evening after a stressful day.

Hemp in the mix - what you can do with cannabis leaves, e.g. make tea (fig.)
Hemp in the mix – what you can do with cannabis leaves, e.g. make tea (afb.)


Fresh cannabis leaves can be squeezed. The leaves themselves and also the juice are considered a superfood and are great in various smoothies. Also a good start with lots of healthy energy for the day.

Ointment and tincture

Weed leaves can also be used to make ointments or tinctures, which is not difficult at all. For a tincture, only the cannabis leaves are used and pre-soaked in alcohol for at least four weeks. Then the container is opened so that some of the alcohol can escape. Then you have the cannabis tincture.

An ointment of this type is only a little more complicated to make. Various ingredients such as coconut oil or petroleum jelly are mixed with cannabis in a water bath. The mixture is then allowed to simmer gently for about 60 minutes and then cool.

Cannabis oil

To really get the most out of the plant, the production of cannabis oil is ideal. Cannabis oil can be made from both the leaves and the flowers.

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