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Why will the vaping of sweet flavors soon be banned?

by Ties Inc.

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Sweet vape flavors that helped you stay off cigarettes will be banned in the Netherlands from January 1, 2023. The e-cigarette is immensely popular and was marketed as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Now there's a new one prohibition is on the way, this could be a new impulse for the traditional tobacco industry. The flavors are also banned because it has been shown that inhaling them also damages the respiratory tract and are popular among young people.

Tasteless vaping

Vaping became immensely popular among young people and seemed an acceptable alternative to get rid of that persistent nicotine addiction. However, the health benefits of vaping over smoking often turned out to be hot air. Still, that doesn't stop many young people from continuing to vape. Precisely because of the wide variety of flavors. Tobacco flavored e-cigarettes may still be sold.

"That ban on flavors will be very effective," anti-smoking organization Clean Air Netherlands expects. If it is up to pulmonologists, there will be a ban on all e-cigarettes in the Netherlands.

Source: metronieuws.nl (NEITHER)

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