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Why the weed vaporizer is the future of cannabis consumption

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Why the cannabis vaporizer is the future of cannabis consumption

Weed evaporators go beyond the traditional methods of cannabis use. Why is the vape so popular?

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but the weed vaporizer, including CBD vapes, is emerging as the premier smoking accessory on the market. Vaporizers are on track to quickly capture the largest market share for cannabis accessories thanks to these factors.

Why the weed vaporizer is so popular.

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs should expect cannabis vaping to outperform the edibles and other methods of consumption of cannabis (in the United States):

Concentrates: Concentrates, usually sold as vapes, are the most popular product in California, the largest US recreational market. Cannabis concentrates sold better than cannabis itself for the first time last year in California (37 percent compared to 33 percent), according to figures from BDS Analytics.

The industry as a whole is evolving towards vaping. The tendency of the cannabis industry to vapes is strong in other states. Vape sales in 2018 alone increased by 69 percent, according to statistics from the same research firm. More specifically, sales of the CBD vape in 2018 alone increased by 105 percent.

Demographics: The average vape consumer is younger. According to an online investigation among Facebook cannabis users, the average vape user is younger than a non-user.

Different vape products.

An umbrella term for various products on the market includes the weed vaporizer include pens that work with non-psychoactive CBD, concentrates, vape oil, and even dry herb. The weed vaper heats the oil to vapor, avoiding the combustion process.

In other words, the benefits of smoking from a pen are the same whether you consume CBD or powerful cannabis concentrates.

Vaporizer pens are the most portable way of consuming.

Vapenpennen are a portable and discreet consumption method. There is no waste of the plant, sharp smoke or other difficult hassle.

A study published in the journal Substance Use and Misuse found that camouflage is also the main reason for using the vape (between 35 and 46 percent), followed by ease for between 29 and 42 percent of respondents.

The Weed vaporizer delivers stronger effects.

Whether the consumer uses a vaporizer for THC or CBD, it usually produces stronger effects than others weed accessories.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, cannabis vaping provides a more potent high. Specifically, the study found that people had higher amounts of THC - the active ingredient in cannabis - in their bloodstream when they used a weed vaporizer.

In 2018, the use of cannabis was the highest among students in 30 year time. While cannabis use is growing around the world, many consumers are looking for accessories that have a stronger impact.

While the hemp market is going through a high rise, the turnover of the CBD vapen is also increasing.

The vape pen is the popular choice for cannabis and also for CBD.

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp, CBD or cannabidiol, is one of the fastest growing segments of the cannabis market, although it is derived from hemp and legally distinct from weed.

One of the other most popular cannabis products of the moment, is the CBD vape, which grew by 105 percent between 2017-2018. In addition, research suggests that cannabidiol vaping is a more biologically available way to consume the compound compared to food and oil.

This means that CBD is absorbed into the human body by vaping at a higher percentage - somewhere between 34 and 46 percent (done in a conservative research† In contrast, the human body typically absorbs something like 10 percent of the cannabidiol when ingested as so-called edibles.

Is a weed evaporator a healthier alternative?

The subject of vapes and health is hotly debated. In view of the use of e-cigarettes by minors, the momentum is increasing to limit the sale of evaporators. Moreover, the distinction between tobacco and cannabis or CBD-containing products is not always legally different.

Within the subject of weed vaporizers, it is also discussed whether liquid options are healthier than smoking the dry plant.

There is concern that the dry plant produces tar and carcinogens that could cause cancer.

De American Lung Association states, "The smoke released from marijuana combustion has been found to contain many of the same toxins, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke."

In this case, vaping can be a healthier alternative. A research showed that weed vaporizers reduced respiratory problems caused by smoking cannabis.

However, the quality of the vape varies greatly from brand to brand. In its liquid form, cannabis concentrates can come into contact with heavy metals, pesticides and other carcinogenic substances, making vapor quality an important concern for regulators, sellers and legislators.

Handy, concentrated and varied: the weed evaporator is the future.

With the weed evaporator, consumers have access to different concentrations and even connections such as CBD. For companies that may or may not yet have to do with the cannabis plant, the popularity of the vape and the products associated with it cannot simply be ignored.

However, there is much room for solving product inconsistency issues. With the research and regulations associated with national legalization, the vape market will ultimately reach its full potential.

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