Zurich legalizes the consumption and sale of cannabis in trial

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cannabis legalization-in-switzerland

The Swiss government has approved plans to legalize the consumption and sale of cannabis in Zurich. It is a trial that will assess the economic and health benefits of regulating the recreational drug.

As part of a three-and-a-half-year scientific study starting this summer, 2.100 residents of Switzerland's largest city will receive controlled doses weed purchase for personal use. To do this, she has to fill in a questionnaire about their consumption, habits and health every six months.
In Germany, the government unveiled plans last October for nationwide legalization of the drug – subject to strict conditions. There is still no clarity about the legislation in Germany.

Regulate cannabis

Barbara Burri, the project leader of the Zurich municipal health department: “The idea is to collect robust evidence that can help with new cannabis regulation policies.” The Swiss government's announcement followed final approval from the Federal Health Service on Tuesday.

Cannabis will be available to participants at pharmacies and social clubs throughout Zurich from July at variable prices that are adjusted on the black market. According to public health surveys in Switzerland, one in three adults has tried cannabis. In Zurich, a city of 400.000, an estimated 13.000 residents are regular users.

Participants can choose from a range of products containing different concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol – the active ingredient in marijuana. Potential strains will be available with up to 20 percent THC concentration. All products are strictly controlled for purity and organically produced by recognized Swiss companies.
“The trial will have a broad focus to collect data on the effects of different strengths of cannabis, what helps individuals make informed decisions, and the pros and cons of different sales models,” said Burri.


Participation in the program is open to anyone over the age of 18, with the exception of pregnant women, professional drivers, and adults showing signs of addiction or ill health due to drug use.

MPs approved an amendment to the country's drug law in September 2020 to allow for a cannabis legalization pilot. The Swiss city of Basel started a small-scale trial to legalize cannabis use in September. Zurich finalized its proposals for a pilot project last July.

Source: ft.com (EN)

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