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Happy New Year! Good intentions for 2021? Read these 6 cannabis related ideas for the New Year

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Happy New Year! New Year's resolutions for 2021? 6 cannabis related ideas for the new year

First of all, best wishes on behalf of our DrugsInc team! Are you also trying to make positive changes this new year? We have 6 cannabis-related New Year resolutions ideas for 2021!

New Year's resolutions should be achievable and you should be reasonably confident that you can achieve them. What better way to start a new year fresh and shiny than with some really great goals?

For some it is to eat less, for others to exercise more (often witness the significant increase in gym memberships at the start of a new year) and for others maybe just to try something new and exciting.

Whatever your New Year's resolutions for 2021, we bet you'll be happy to incorporate our ideas below into this New Year!

Make more edibles

You can easily buy edibles at specialty stores in more and more cities or online, but spending the time making your own can be inspiring, entertaining AND tasty.

Plus? You determine the portion, dosage and amounts yourself, so that you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

There are plenty of edible recipes, such as this overview with edible recipes.

2. Learn to grow your own cannabis

Not all of us have green fingers and while many have never grown their own cannabis - there are many who would like to!

If you live in a climate where you can (and should) grow it outdoors, give it a try!

New Year Resolutions for 2021: Learn to Grow Your Own Cannabis (Fig.)
New Year Resolutions for 2021: Learn to Grow Your Own Cannabis (afb.)

Growing, caring for and growing your own plants can feel great, and the yield (for yourself) will be even more amazing!

Especially with isolations and lockdowns this crazy 2020 year, becoming a farmer is probably the smartest thing to do!

3. Try new strains of weed

You may like the same strain you always take, but what about trying something new?

You can talk to your trusted budtender (at the local coffee shop) and learn about the different effects and highs of different strains weed, and enjoy trying out something new.

Live a little this year! It's time for some more change!

4. Enjoy the time 4:20 a little more often

Smoking, consuming or enjoying cannabis is something you can do every day.

BUT, just like the English sit down and enjoy their afternoon tea as a fun and festive tradition, why not bring 420 back into your life?

This coming year, create new traditions and relive 420 and have something to look forward to daily at 4:20!

Whether edibles, gummies, cocktails or CBD coffee - try something new every day and relax. Enjoy, the bow cannot always be tense!

5. Deal with your health and get to know a CBD Wellness routine

Starting a healthy wellness routine with CBD can only benefit you!

Whether you decide to take CBD oil daily like I do, or make some DIY CBD cream or scrub at home, try adding CBD to your list of New Year's resolutions for 2021!

Studies have shown that CBD and cannabis can support your overall health and well-being.

Problems and conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, depression, and chronic pain anxiety have all diminished for patients and the public who regularly use CBD.

6. Share your passion, make cannabis one of others' good intentions for 2021!

Sharing your passion for cannabis can be a healthy idea to unwind until 2021.

Posting on social media about your experience, travel and personal wellness benefits using cannabis will only allow more people to see the benefits it brings!

Consider sharing your passion online, via a blog, with us or simply with friends and family.

Who knows? You can convert someone and also help them on their wellness journey.

In addition, you can of course always share your edible baking, cooking, oils or joints with interested or curious people - of course always in a safe, non-mandatory but relaxed way.

Happy New Year! And now get started with your new year's resolutions for 2021 ;-)

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